Pinemeadow PGX Putter

Pinemeadow PGX Putter


Compare features, performance (and price) with Rossa® Ghost Putter at $159.

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PGX Putter $39.95
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PGX Putter $39.95
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Fantom Putter Headcover

The putter features a precise white finish which stands out when the putter is in the address position on the green. This contrast of the white color against the green grass really helps maintain focus on the alignment lines that help ensure that your putter is on target at start.

Pinemeadow Spider White Putter Grip

At 380g the additional 40g weight of the mallet putter is “tour-weighted”, suited best for the faster greens that are more and more common around the world. You’ll also get a smooth forward spinning ball at impact with reduced skid giving you stability in your putting game.

White Nano Paint Disclaimer

The white color on this putter model is designed to enhance aim and improve vision clarity at address. Using a head cover is strongly recommended to protect the white finish from dings, scratches and other marks that come in contact with the head. Any cosmetic damage will not effect the performance of the putter nor is subject to warranty coverage.


  • Compare features, performance (and price) with Rossa® Ghost Putter at $159.
  • Includes custom headcover

Technical Specifications

Men's Std. Length34"
Ladies Std. Length33"
Shaft and Grip:
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Custom Fitting Note:
The putter can't be built at +1.5" the longest the putter shaft will allow us to go is +1.

Customer Reviews

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Luke rated this product * * * * * on 07/29/14 Great putter! Well balanced and the extra head weight really helps with hitting the putt smoothly. For the price the PGX is a great putter. Plus I have no problem picking up the ball with the putter just like the video showed!
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parfield rated this product * * on 05/21/14 Really inconsistent close to the hole and around the greens. Not in terms of direction but in terms of spin and distance.
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stingray rated this product * * * * * on 02/16/14 I have 2 of these putters and all of my friends want to get one when they try mine.
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Hitman rated this product * * * * * on 01/08/14 Over the past 20 years I have putted with Odyssey blade and two ball putters, Ping blade and butterfly putters and my putting has been up and down. Looking for a new putter online I stumbled upon PGX putter video telling about it's putter. For less than 40 bucks I decided to give it a try. I could not be more pleased. I have owned the putter for three months now and have played 15+ rounds with it. I changed the grip to a Wynn jumbo and I'm putting more consistent, every round, than I ever had. Yes this putter made a difference for me and I truly feel that it's well worth trying. Current handicap is a 9.8 and will be going down because of the 6+ strokes this putter has shaved off my score per round.
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Kevin rated this product * * * * on 09/25/13 I think this is a great putter ... my biggest problem was missing shortish putts, within 6' ... even 3' putts were frustrating ... with this putter, I am about 95% confident they are going to drop ... I think the extra weight helps me keep the putter face square, when my old putter would twist open/closed and send my putts off-line only problem (so far) is I have troulbe with long lags ... seems I always leave 'em short ... but I have nearly eliminated 3 putts from my rounds since I got this putter, and that's good enough for me
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