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The Pinemeadow Excel driver is built for power and accuracy. The ultra forgiving design and slick appearance make the Excel highly sought after. With the thin face Beta Titanium design and classic shape this club also offers the distance needed to stay competitive at all levels. The Excel employs a rear weight chip to increase the moment of inertia (MOI) to help you square the clubface at impact. For players looking for maximum forgiveness without having to sacrifice distance, this is the club for you!

If you are considering a Ladies Excel Ti Driver, the Pinemeadow Excel Ladies 7 Wood are a perfect complement. Pinemeadow Logo Headcovers are also available.


  • Fitted standard with our low-torque Pinemeadow Graphite Shaft for the same $99 value.
  • Classic design maximizing forgiveness without sacrificing distance.
  • Compare features, performance, and price with the Callaway® Great Big Bertha II Ladies Driver at $399.

Technical Specifications

Club 1
Loft (deg) 12
Lie (deg) 55
Weight (g) 200
Face Angle (deg) 0
Face Height (mm) 55
Volume (cc) 395
Shaft and Grip:
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Beta Titanium
100% Titanium

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Nancy rated this product on 08/22/07 So far I am very pleased. This is the best driver I have ever hit! I had given up using a driver until I ordered this one. It fits perfectly, it feels great in my hands, and my driver is now one of the best clubs in my bag! My drives are much farther and straighter. The women I play with all have Callaway and Taylor Made clubs, and I am now outscoring them! It feels so good to be confident with my driver!
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Joan rated this product on 08/13/05 My husband bought a Callaway Big Bertha driver and his friend bought a Tayormade R5. I thought they were both crazy for paying so much. I bought the Pinemeadow Ladies Titanium driver and now I'm keeping up with them in driving. I'm not saying that their drivers aren't great quality, I'm saying that my Pinemeadow driver is just as good for a lot less. They are now starting to look at Pinemeadow's site for future purchases. Another fellow at work makes his own clubs because he needs an +1 1/2 inch length. When I showed him my new driver, he took a look at the materials used (the shaft, grip, and club head) and was extremely impressed. He went and took a look at what Pinemeadow had to offer and loved the fact that he could get custom made clubs for about what it took him to make his own. Keep up the good work. You have definiely made me a satified customer.
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Gertie rated this product on 03/07/05 This driver is the ticket! It took a couple times playing with it before we bonded. My drives are in upwards of 75+ yards further and straighter. I highly recommend this club.
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Displaying all 3 reviews