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The ZR3.0 line is the newest installment in our flagship ZR series that we've proudly produced since 2006. It's a brand new design for us, featuring a full line of clubs including the driver, woods, hybrids, and irons.

The ZR3.0 irons feature a combination of forgiveness and workability that is rarely seen. These irons are perfect for golfers who are improving and would like to have irons that they can begin shaping shots with, without giving up distance on poor shots. High quality stainless heads provide the durability that you expect and contribute to performance as well.

Take your game to the next level with the ZR3.0 irons and start working the ball like a pro.


  • Built standard with high quality Pinemeadow steel shaft from Apollo®, a 125 gram shaft with a low to mid kick point.
  • Also available with our standard low-torque Pinemeadow Limited graphite shaft for only $7.50 per shaft.

Technical Specifications

Club 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 PW AW SW LW
Loft 21° 24° 27° 31° 35° 39° 43° 47° 51° 56° 60°
Lie 59.5° 60° 60.5° 61° 61.5° 62° 62.5° 63° 63° 63° 63°
Bounce 11° 12° 15° 11°
Weight 242g 249g 256g 263g 270g 277g 284g 291g 291g 298g 298g
Offset 3.1mm 2.7mm 2.3mm 1.9mm 1.5mm 1.2mm 1mm 0.08mm 0.06mm 0.5mm 0.4mm
Shaft and Grip:
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Body Material:
431 Stainless Steel

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Frank Scott reviewed this product on 08/09/15 Great clubs. I'm saving about 4 strokes since I bought these. I replaced my Excels from about 10 years with these. One key change was to the graphite shafts. My elbow pains have been greatly reduced, and I have not given up any feel or control; also I'm about 5-10 yards longer with every club. Yay!
2 out of 2 people found this useful. Was this review helpful to you? yes / no
Marcus Hewett reviewed this product on 06/22/15 This is my first time purchasing Pinemeadow products and I am so impressed and in absolute awe of the quality of these clubs. I received them in a reasonable time and in excellent condition. I am currently a +11 handicap and have played with mostly Taylor Made irons and I can honestly say that these clubs are just as good at an excellent price. I broke them in for the first time at the range today and I could not believe the crisp compression I was getting at impact. I love the fact that I was able to custom fit these clubs to my specifications, which makes a considerable difference in your game. Pinemeadow, I will be recommending you to all of my friends and just so you know, you have a customer for life. Thank you for the ZR3 irons and your commitment to improving our games.
2 out of 2 people found this useful. Was this review helpful to you? yes / no
Dean rated this product on 02/23/15 These irons are much lighter than my older set, not used to it yet, swung out of my shoes and my back is hurting now, have to slow down my swing with these, they hit nice and far, pretty straight too, all in all love them, have to dial them in...thanks Pinemeadow for a great product..
4 out of 6 people found this useful. Was this review helpful to you? yes / no
Pete Chiasson rated this product on 12/13/14 I am a long time Pinemeadows customer and have been playing the ZR1 Mark 11 irons for about 4 years. Yesterday I played my new set of ZR3 irons and I must say I was very happy with the new design of these clubs. I am a mid handicapper (12-14 index) and loved my ZR1 irons except I had a tendency to pull or hook my approach shots. These new ZR3 irons almost completely eliminated my pull/hook problems. Now my ball flight is either straight or a slight draw. I also found that I could work the ball flight fairly easily in both directions. Moreover, my short chips/pitches were much improved using these ZR3 irons vs. the older ZR1 design. Not certain why but I suspect the sole design of the ZR3 clubs gives me cleaner contact with the ball and the minimal offset lets me set up more accurately. At any rate, I love these new ZR3 irons. And, as always, the sales and customer support group at Pinemeadows is simply outstanding. Thanks to all for your continued outstanding products and customer support.
10 out of 10 people found this useful. Was this review helpful to you? yes / no
Kevin W rated this product on 09/20/14 Absolutely love these irons! I'd been playing the old PM Oxygen Type s irons (similar to the Ping G2's) for about 9 years and thought it was time for an upgrade. The ZR3.0's look smooth and feel good. I was hitting the 8 iron about 150+, straight as an arrow. I played a 205 yard par 3 into a little breeze and stroked a 3 iron dead straight into the green. It was a thing of beauty as i could probably count on one hand the amount of times i've done that before.. Thank you Pinemeadow!
11 out of 14 people found this useful. Was this review helpful to you? yes / no
Displaying reviews 1 - 5 of 10 in total