Acer XDS 2 Professional Irons
Reduced Offset!

Acer XDS 2 Professional Irons


Compare features, performance, and price with Callaway's® X-14 Pro Series at $1000.00 per set!


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The superior engineering of the best-selling Acer XDS 2 irons is now available in a reduced offset version, designed for those players looking to take further control of their game. This club's perfectly balanced cavity and short hosel design combines with its sleek lines for improved performance. Adorned with a stylish name-plate in the cavity, the XDS 2 Professional has the look, feel and quality you would expect from the best tour grade quality clubs.

If you are buying the Acer XDS Pro irons, the Acer XP Titanium Driver & Ti Woods and Acer XDS 2+ Stainless Steel Driver & Woods are a perfect complement. Click on them to learn more!


  • Built standard with high quality Pinemeadow steel from Apollo®, a 120 gram shaft with a low to mid kick point, perfect for the beginning to average golfer. Also available with our standard low-torque Pinemeadow graphite shaft from Aldila® for only $7.50 per shaft. That means you can have this set in all graphite for only $209.00.
  • Reduced offset allows for improved ball workability combined with progressive mass technology for increased rebound effect.
  • Suited best for: The low handicap golfer looking for a set of irons that maximizes the ability to ultimately control all of their shots.
  • Set is standard 3-PW for $149.00. 2 ir and SW are available for only $18.95ea.

Technical Specifications

Weight in grams235242249256263270277284291 298
Shaft and Grip:
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17-4 stainless steel

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Dirk Monzzerra said the following about this product on 08/02/04 After trying these clubs for about 2 weeks, I found that the driver and woods are very difficult to hit. But other than that these are great clubs.
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P. Lambert said the following about this product on 11/19/03 Just received the XDS 2, including 2 iron. Turnaround time from order to delivery was less than one week, including a weekend! Pinemeadow emailed me with updates from order receipt to delivery. I appreciated that so much - I felt very confident with my order, even before getting the clubs. I unwrapped the 9 iron and tried it out in my back yard, using an old Wiffle ball. Barely touched the ball, and watched it sail 200 yds across my yard, and continue on over a fence, across the road and land in a neighbor's yard. Thank goodness I didn't use a real ball! (and I'm just a skinny female!) I was dumbfounded. Can't wait to get out and try a real ball! Love the weight and feel of the clubs. They look tremendous at address, thus inspiring confidence. Excellent products and super customer service - what a combination! Thanks so much!
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Andy Byma said the following about this product on 10/04/03 I purchased the Acer XDS 2 Pro's about 5 months ago and have really enjoyed them. I generally shoot in the 90's. The 5-pw are quite good. However, I do believe that the 3 and 4 are harder to hit than they should be with standard length shafts. Nonetheless, a great purchase. I will definitely buy here again.
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Tim Kelsey said the following about this product on 08/16/03 I purchased my set of XDS 2's with TT Dyn. Gold Sensicore shafts and Winn grips. I have been playing with these irons for most of the summer and they are oustanding (especially for the price). The clubs have a soft feel, excellent balance, and great control characteristics. I would highly recommend them.
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Curtis said the following about this product on 07/21/03 I just took these clubs to the driving range saturday and immediately loved the clubs. Ordered the 3-PW and the Driver. I hit old 5 iron 200 yards but hit my new PW 160. Every shot went exactly where I aimed, last round of golf with my old clubs was a 100 I am looking forward my next round (hoping for mid 80's. The driver will take some getting used to don't know how far I hit it, it cleared the back fence to the driving range.
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