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The continuing trend is to replace your lower irons with hybrids. They provide a versatile option from any type of lie for improved play. The Pre Hybrids feature a low profile club face and weight port in the rear of the club that allows you to generate a higher launch without having to sacrifice distance. The shape of the club head and sole allow you to use the club at anytime. Whether you are using it off the tee or fairway the spring like feel at impact gives you the feel and confidence needed on shots that can be difficult with a lower iron. Even out of the rough the club is designed so it does not get caught up in the longer grass assuring a solid and straight shot to the green.

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K Watts rated this product * * * * * on 08/31/13 I bought the 3 hybrid and the have played 3 rounds with it. I use this off the tee or long 2nd shots and can easily hit around 230 regardless if I'm off the turf or teeing it up. The club is very easy to hit and it goes straight. The club is heavier than other 3 hybrids I've tied but the ball flies off the face so no complaints here. For the price, you cannot beat the pre hybrid.
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