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Command Hybrids


Compare features, performance and price to the Taylor Made® Dual TP Hybrids.

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Right Hand:
2 Hybrid: 16° w/ Headcover $49.95
3 Hybrid: 19° w/ Headcover $49.95
4 Hybrid: 22° w/ Headcover $49.95
5 Hybrid: 25° w/ Headcover $49.95
Left Hand:
3 Hybrid: 19° w/ Headcover $49.95
4 Hybrid: 22° w/ Headcover $49.95
5 Hybrid: 25° w/ Headcover $49.95
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Take control of your game and introduce yourself to the Command hybrids by Pinemeadow. The hybrid club is available in four lofts: 16, 19, 22 and 25 degrees. All Command hybrids feature 2 rear six gram weights designed to lower center of gravity and increase MOI (moment-of-inertia). By increasing MOI it prevents the clubhead from twisting at impact resulting in straighter shots.

Adjustable Weight-Port Technology

Adjustable weight-port technology allows you to move both rear weights to configure the club to play any shot type. Whether it's a draw, fade or straight, expect to see longer shots, increased launch and improved accuracy. Use the hybrids direct off the tee, straight out of the rough or tight lies right off the fairway. The Command hybrid irons are the club to play. They are versatile, long and forgiving! Command the respect from your golf buddies and take your game to another level.

Club comes installed with two 6g weights. We'll also toss in one extra 2g weight. Instructions on how to configure your club to match a particular ball flight:

Fade: 6g weight in toe of club, 2g weight in heel
Draw: 2g weight in toe of club, 6g weight in heel
Straight: equal weights in toe and heel

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  • Compare features, performance and price to the Taylor Made® Dual TP Hybrids.
  • Built standard with your choice of a low-torque Pinemeadow Hybrid Graphite Shaft or Apollo Lite Steel shaft.
  • We highly recommend a graphite shaft on all hybrid golf clubs.
  • A red/black headcover is included with hybrid.

Technical Specifications

Face Angle0000
Men's Std. Length41"40.5"40"39.5"
Ladies Std. Length40"39.5"39"38.5"
Shaft and Grip:
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17-4 Stainless Steel
Weight Material:
6 gram tungsten weights & 3 gram aluminum weights
Custom Fitting Note:
In order to provide the perfect custom fit for you, a half inch adjustment may be made on all length requests greater than an inch. We do this in order to match your requested flex, since flex in a hybrid shaft is the most important aspect. The end result is the perfect custom fit! We would love to go over any fitting or other questions you may have, so please contact us.

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JUAN CARLOS RODRIGUEZ rated this product * * * * * on 11/20/14 Dear readers, i live in Bogota Colombia, South America. It is much easier to buy Golf products online than a local store (Price, brand and availability). On my search online i found/bought Command Q irons and Hybrids 2,3,4,5. To summarize, i improved from 114 down to 90. Hybrids are awesome..sound, distance, confidence and real straight balls. Lately i did 95, due to my approach of 5-10 yds and my putt (i never practice putt). Hybrids made easier my game..just be sure among your stance and slow back swing and you will laugh about how easy is to play Golf.
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C. Z. rated this product * * * on 03/01/12 I have a hybrid 4 which is pretty good when new. But after 1 year's moderate use, its face is badly scratched (3 dents on the face, one at the dead center is 3mm long). Because I have a whole set from Pinemeadow (from driver to putter) and this is the only club having problems, I tend to think this is not normal use and wear. More likely the quality is not uniform across clubs. Well, maybe this one club is an exception -- I hope.
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Kenny rated this product * * * * * on 02/12/12 Bought the 3 and 4 Command hybrids a year and a half ago to replace my 3 and 4 Command Q irons. Loved them so much I bought the 2 and 5 hybrids to replace my 5 iron and have another club for those 200- 210 yd shots or so. When I first bought the 3 & 4 Command Hybrids I tried to hit them like a wood. Mistake. Relaxed, swung easier, and hit them like an iron and the ball rocketed off the face, long and straight. I love these clubs in thick rough, fairways, and even been known to chip a few. This past summer on a 195 yd par 3 hole, at our club, I hit the 3 hydrid and got my first hole in one at the ripe ole age of 53. My friend who had a stroke a few years ago and lost 75% of the use of his right arm, has been playing with us this past year and has used my 2-5 hybrids instead of his irons and has been striking the ball exceptionally well and is considering buying a set of these clubs. Keep up the good work and I will keep buying from Pinemeadow.
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Tyler rated this product * * * * * on 02/03/12 I have a high swing speed and hit all my irons well. Congrats to me. I am not currently using any woods other than a driver on some holes. I was thinking about picking up a 3 wood but tried my pops 3hy with regular shaft. With slowing my swing to basically letting the club fall I was hitting beautiful high and long shots in the 240 range. Very impressed with the sound and feel of this club.
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Chris M rated this product * * * on 12/20/11 Ive been playing the 3 and 4 Command HY hybrids for a while now and i believe they are pretty decent clubs. I dont think they warrant 5 stars but they are definately a workhorse club. I would suggest getting a little stiffer shaft than you normally play because these are pretty whippy in the regular flex. All in all a decent club but they do pale in comparison to my Adams A7OS hybrids.
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