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The Pinemeadow Excel EGI hybrids are the newest addition to the EGI family. The EGI hybrids are available in 8 different lofts, allowing you to replace irons with these easier to hit hybrids.

Each hybrid features a nice balance of weight throughout the entire club head that increases and widens the sweet spot. The shape of the club head allows you to use these clubs from various lies, good or bad.

More and more players are playing hybrids. The reason being they are more forgiving, add distance, and will improve your game instantly. We've mentioned this before, but imagine if you could take a fairway wood, shorten the shaft and change the shape ever so slightly. This is the simple anatomy of a hybrid. If you haven't tried a high lofted hybrid to help your game, it is definitely something worth considering.


  • Built standard with your choice of a low-torque Pinemeadow Hybrid Graphite Shaft or Apollo Lite Steel shaft However, we highly recommend a graphite shaft on all hybrid golf clubs.
  • Compare features, performance and price to the Callaway® Hybrids.

Technical Specifications

Club 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 PW
Loft: 19° 22° 25° 28° 32° 36° 40° 45°
Lie: 59° 60.5° 61° 61.5° 62° 62.5° 63° 64°
Weight: 242g 249g 256g 263g 270g 277g 284g 291g
Face Angle: 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0
Volume: 120cc 118cc 116cc 114cc 112cc 110cc 108cc 106cc
Men's Std. Length: 40.5″ 40″ 39.5″ 39″ 38.5″ 38″ 37.5″ 37.5″
Ladies Std. Length: 39.5″ 39″ 38.5″ 38″ 37.5″ 37″ 36.5″ 36.5″
Shaft and Grip:
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Richard rated this product on 09/20/18 It has now been more than a month since you delivered the last four clubs and I have some results. The other day I fired an 80 on Saturday and 75 on Sunday at Cottonwood a 132 rating golf course in Montgomery, with two birdies. If we could do something about my eyesight, so I could putt better that would be great. I am 69 and normally a 10-12 handicap before you changed my game. You need to let more people know about these clubs. I don’t know whether I am paying more attention to the ball or the accuracy is really that good, but they are the easiest clubs that I have ever swung. I would recommend the hybrid irons to anyone my age that is playing the game. Like Chris I thought my Callaway hybrids were the best before I used the PineMeadow hybrids. The only problem is I am having more divots on the greens to repair and that is a great problem to have. I tried the seven and nine hybrids first and then after two weeks I purchased the 4,5,6 & 8 because I was that satisfied. I am seriously considering buying the 3 and putting away my five wood. Guy thank you for putting the fun back in golf.
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Chris gance rated this product on 08/29/18 I bought the 9 hybrid, I use ping hybrids but they don't have lower than a 31 degree, pings are the best, but to get high loft hybrids left handed at these prices is a gift. Going to buy the pw, does anyone else think that a37.5 inch pw is quite long, I will get it 1 inch shorter
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Wayne rated this product on 08/22/18 Upon further review, I like them. Still on the learning curve I mentioned before, however they preformed well if I swing well. They fly straight if I hit it straight, off a low tee, hit the 3 about 200 if I hit it well, still trying to get more air under them, but that's on me. Thinking ball position/swing plane is key. They feel good and play probably better than I let them Paint on bottom wearing quickly, who cares? However notice silver ring above clubhead showing rust/pit marks after only a couple weeks. Good club's would recommend.
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Chuck Wimer rated this product on 08/12/18 I’m 56 years old and have been playing golf for almost 30 years. I have gone through more clubs than you can ever imagine and being left handed hasn’t help because I can’t try my buddies clubs as they are right handed. I have always struggled with irons, so I recently bought the 7 iron/wood and gave it a try. OMG what a game changer. I received the club in no time and there follow up has been superb. Now I’m thinking about selling my hybrid irons that I’ve only had for 4 months and ordering the 8-PW. Trust me folks, stop throwing away your hard earned money on the name brands and give these very well made clubs a try. You will fall in love with game again. It really helps having clubs in your bag that you actually trust.
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Richard Shinbaum rated this product on 07/31/18 I am 69 years old that until Saturday played with a set of Cobra's and hybrid Calloway 4 & 5, and I usually shoot in the mid 80's. I had lost the fun of golf because I could no longer hit the short irons the way I liked. I saw the ad and decided to purchase a hybrid 7 & 9. After a little range time, I took the clubs on the course, replacing my 7 & 9 with the Pinemeadows 7 & 9 hybrid. My short iron game was back like it was when I was in my 30's. I liked the clubs so well that I went ahead and replaced my 4&5 hybrids with Pinemeadows 4 & 5 and purchased a 6 and 8 hybrid. I cannot wait to get the new clubs and take them on a real course this weekend. Sunday I played like I was a young man and played the game for the fun and enjoyment of the game, which is more than the love of the game. I was shocked at the height on my shots and I was sticking everything. I would recommend the hybrid 7 & 9 to any golfer in my age bracket. Thank you for getting me to try the two clubs.
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Displaying reviews 1 - 5 of 60 in total