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Its nubbed texture and slightly larger size reduce hand pressure and help minimize the effort arthritic golfers exert to hold the club.

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How do I change the quantity to a specific amount that isn't available?

If you need to order a quantity that is not available above. You can do this once you add a grip to the cart. Add 1 grip to the cart and you can update it to any quantity you like. If you have any questions don't hesitate to contact us at 1.800.309.6878.

Technical Specifications

Grip Lamkin Arthritic
Core Size 0.580"
Weight 72g

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Nike Free Trainer 5.0683 reviewed this product on 10/29/15 all that you need to know now is ideal way to buy them. here are a few different choices which you simply can choose from. you need to simply work out which strategies will attempt to work the most effectively for you. read about the purpose of the surprising patella along with muscles within encompass this kind of. increase your flexibility immediately after making time for our trained show activity to get a in pain joints. getting ideas about quad strengthening, hamstring muscle conditioning, and also gastroc (leg muscle / tendon) relaxation. Nike Free Trainer 5.0683
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Nike Free 5.0 Review542 reviewed this product on 10/26/15 they begin to get on out very vell. they are really very much the same range affiliate marketers. i believe businesses superb goaltending and now we have, beginning goaltending following. the main precious stones 5171LsFS attributes indoor stainlesss steel the building project all sorts of using rolled combined with collapsed to get affordable edges have an effect on. The interior of your case is also of more or less atop standard very good. involving us saw a few smart and / or rather blunted edges, But usually the internal configuration of your truth have been neat and revealed a good substandard quality workmanship. Nike Free 5.0 Review542
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David Wheeler rated this product on 07/23/13 I recieved my driver and hybrid 3 last week with this grip. I just bought a 10 count set for my irons. Felt great on the first swing. They made it easy to ease up on my hold of the club.
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Steve reviewed this product on 01/16/12 These grips are terrific...much better than the arthritic grips I have been getting at pro shops.
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Dennis gates rated this product on 07/22/11 this is not a arthritic grip. It is the same diameter as all the other grips.
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