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Its nubbed texture and slightly larger size reduce hand pressure and help minimize the effort arthritic golfers exert to hold the club.

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If you need to order a quantity that is not available above. You can do this once you add a grip to the cart. Add 1 grip to the cart and you can update it to any quantity you like. If you have any questions don't hesitate to contact us at 1.800.309.6878.

Technical Specifications

Grip Lamkin Arthritic
Core Size 0.580″
Weight 72g

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MIke Sullivan rated this product on 11/24/17 The arthritic grips are perfect for seniors and folks that have stiffness or a tinge of arthritis in the fingers - the grip helps lock in the club handle to your hands, especially when wet or damp. The first time I held and swung the club with these grips, I felt a new sensation that I never felt before in a grip - and truthfully I wondered if it was going to work; but after a few more swings I felt extremely confident in the grip and how that firmness was extended through the shaft and club head. I’ve gripped all my clubs with this grip. Try one or two - I think you’ll like them. Hard to find these grips in you local pro shop - excellent price here on PineMeadow.
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David Wheeler rated this product on 07/23/13 I recieved my driver and hybrid 3 last week with this grip. I just bought a 10 count set for my irons. Felt great on the first swing. They made it easy to ease up on my hold of the club.
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Steve reviewed this product on 01/16/12 These grips are terrific...much better than the arthritic grips I have been getting at pro shops.
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Dennis gates rated this product on 07/22/11 this is not a arthritic grip. It is the same diameter as all the other grips.
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Displaying all 4 reviews