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The Clicgear Cart 3.0 offers the best of both worlds when you think of the perfect push cart design. Easy to push and store! The full-size three wheel golf cart is easy to manage on the course. Rolls smoothly on all types of turf and terrain. It also folds up incredibly small for easy storage in your trunk. List of Clicgear Cart features:

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Available Colors

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Shipping Note - Air Shipments

Due to limitations by our shipping carrier we can not ship the Clicgear Golf Cart via Air (Next Day, 2nd Day, 3 day, International) service. Contact us if you have any questions or concerns.


  • Available Colors: Black, Blue, Orange, Silver, White, Kiwi, Red, Yellow and Pink

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Gary rated this product on 10/12/12 I had a Clicgear 2.0 and sold it during a relocation. I have bought a Clicgear model 3.0. Not the lest expensive three wheeled cart, but I am spending the money again on another Clicgear cart. The design is top notch and has all the features I desire. And the accessories are also great.
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AB rated this product on 11/12/11 I never knew that walking 18 would be such a pleasure - going for 36 next.
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chris rated this product on 07/04/11 Untill just recently, pm only offered the 2.0. I bought it since i had some store credit and was not sure what to use it for. I emailed the support asking if the 3.0 was avaliable and it was not. Few days later the box arrives and only few minutes later i realize that it is actually the new 3.0. I would like to thank pm for updating their offering and sending me the new one. As for the review, this is one of the top of the line push carts, works great, very easy to fold/unfold. Make sure you adjust the front wheel before you go for the first round, it is not callibrated perfectly. Very stable, i let it go going downhill on a very steep slope and it got down no problem and my bag is very heavy. I would recommend this product for sure.
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Bob reviewed this product on 07/03/11 how do you have reviews from 08/09 for a Clicgear 3.0? i dont think i've ever seen this product offered by PM
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Don rated this product on 11/13/09 I spent alot of time tiring to figure out which golf carrt to buy it came down to two one from bag boy and the clicgear I wanted the bag boy as i do have a bag boy bag but chose the clicgear on e reason was the adjustable handle as i'm 5' 6" it was easly lower for me it also is very easly to set up with a little practice i did it about 5 times at home befroe goingto my local golf course didnt want to look like a fool my buddy has a electric hand cart and its really funny cause now he wishes he had gotten the clicgear i can have mine set up bag on it and on the first hole with golf on ball in hand while he is still setting his of really would like two say something bad about this but so far have none i can tell you i'm the talk of the golf course now between the clicgear and my new bagboy revolver pro bag I would buy this again with out no hesitatetion
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Displaying reviews 1 - 5 of 9 in total