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Full Swing - Teaches you a simple 6-step process that will refine your complete full swing and will provide you with simple reference points to measure your swing against.

Short Game - Improve your skills around the green and take your short game to the next level. We all know our short game needs attention but don't know where to start. The Short Game DVD from Pure Point Golf advises you with easy to follow instructions that will have an immediate impact on your game.

The Driver - Points out the most common mistakes that are made off the tee, and will discuss the corrections for each of these mistakes individually.

Putting - Takes you through Bobby's unique system for putting a golf ball with consistency and accuracy. Once you know these secrets you'll be able to fix alignment and distance problems that plague most golfers for life - literally overnight!

How to Hit a Draw - Teaches you how to add left to right spin on the golf ball. We believe that mastering this shot will not only help you off the tee, but will also help you to learn many of the fundamentals that are essential to increased distance and consistency in many other aspects of your game.

All the videos are presented by Head Professional, Bobby Eldridge who has over 30 years of teaching experience.


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Eric rated this product on 11/12/07 This is a wonderful product! The Full Swing DVD will give ANY golfer (beginner or experienced) complete training from set up through follow through. As a relatively new golfer I can say from experience it's been far more productive than personal training. The Short Game DVD is the next step and shows you how to pitch and chip with confidence. The Putting DVD totally changed my method on the green and has cut at least 10 strokes from my overall score. Since the driver has been a club I've avoided up to this point, and I've just started going through the Driver DVD, I can't comment on it's effectiveness. But I'm looking forward to completing the DVD and hitting the driving range with renewed enthusiasm. I haven't purchased the Draw DVD yet, but you can be certain I will once I get through the others. The BEST think about this series is it teaches ONE golf swing that you use with the 13 clubs. The first time I took the training onto the course my golfing buddies said it was like playing with a different (and better) person. I am NOT associated with PurePoint Golf in any way. I just know how much it's helped me (and my wife and my son) to enjoy the game more. It is the PERFECT way to make the best use of the wonderful Pinemeadow clubs. If you are a new golfer, this should be at the top of your shopping list. Even if you're experienced, these DVD's can help you work less at golf and have a lot more fun.
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Matt S rated this product on 07/21/07 I have the short game DVD and plan to buy the full swing as well. In the first round since using the techniques, as a 90+ HC, I actually putted for two birdies. It has helped me learn what I never got from the books. I now have confidence from 100 yards and in, with a chance to get close to the pin.
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John Mayhilb rated this product on 04/20/07 The DVD was great. I usually can't pay attention during a full DVD of instruction, but this one was packed with good info. I actually feel like I know what I'm doing around the green now - which is a great feeling!
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