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How Do Tour Sticks Work?

Tour Sticks work by taking one or two of the fiberglass rods provided and placing the alignment sticks in one of the numerous formations that target various aspects of the golf swing. Many tour players use alignment sticks before a tournament in order to assure their alignment is correct. An instructional flyer is included with the product illustrating a number of drills for the end user.

Who Do Tour Sticks Benefit?

Tour Sticks will benefit golfers of all levels and ages from tee to green. The alignment sticks are a great teaching aid for coaches and affordable for students to purchase in order to continue working on the skills learned during the course of their lesson.

Putting Arc Style

Like straight back and through putting the Arc Style putting drill is accomplished by placing two Tour Sticks on the ground parallel to the target line. However in this instance one stick is placed approximately two inches from the ball (the outside track) the other at a comfortable distance from the ball to allow alignment of the feet and body. The correct stroke is achieved by taking the putter back and through in a arc motion with the shoulders controlling the stroke, if done correctly the putter will not touch the sticks. If a golfer takes the putter from the inside out or outside in, the error will evidenced by the player hitting the Tour Stick either prior to or after hitting the ball.

Alignment Drill

At address your body (feet, knees, hips, forearms, shoulders and eyes) should be positioned parallel to the target line. To work on your alignment lay two Tour Sticks on the ground parallel to our target creating the image of a railroad track. The body will be on the inside rail and the ball on the outside rail.

Ball Position Drill

Ball position varies dependant upon the club selected.

  • Play your short irons (wedges, 9-iron and 8-iron) in the center portion of your stance.

  • Your middle irons should be played slightly forward from center (left of center for the right-handed golfer).

  • The correct ball position for the long irons and fairway woods is approximately two balls forward from the center (two balls left for the right-hander).

  • The driver is played farthest forward.

Tour Sticks can assist with ball position by placing two sticks in a T shape, one parallel to the target and the other the appropriate distance back from the front foot as in the above picture.

Putting—Straight Back & Through Drill

Place two Tour Sticks on the ground parallel to the target line and slightly wider than the putter head. With the ball placed in the center of the two sticks the objective is to take the putter back and through without hitting the sticks.

Gateway Drill

The gateway drill is used to ensure that a player is starting the ball on the intended target line. This is achieved by placing 2 Tour Sticks in the ground about 6 � 12� apart and 10ft in front of you aimed at the intended target on a slight angle facing away from the golfer. The objective is to then hit shots that start between the two Tour Sticks.

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