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More Launch Angle; Less Backspin; Longer and More Consistent Drivers

The Patent Pending Consistent-Tee(TM) is designed specifically for the new Oversize Drivers made by the major golf manufacturers. We've taken the guesswork out of knowing how high to tee your ball so you can have confidence that your ball is always positioned for optimal launch angle and backspin. Our science takes advantage of longer USGA compliant tees and helps the science behind your oversize driver and golf ball perform for you.

In an independent test (see above chart for results), the Consistent-Tee(TM) helps a golfer get on average 3 Degrees more launch angle, 300 RPMs less backspin, 10 yards more carry distance and 15 yards more roll distance. The Consistent-Tee(TM) may give golfers 25 more yards in total driving distance. The Consistent-Tee(TM) places the ball in the optimal position so that your Driver will perform the way it was designed.


  • USGA Compliant
  • The below chart is for the average results of test performed on drivers by major golf manufacturers

Technical Specifications

Tee Type Club Head Speed Launch Angle Backspin Carry Distance Total Distance
Consistent-Tee 146.67 mph 13.75 2874 245 yards 260 yards
3.25 Wooden-Tee 147.33 mph 10.75 3044 235 yards 245 yards
Rubber Mat-Tee 146 mph 10.05 3172 230 yards 238 yards

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Bart rated this product on 05/10/12 I have used these tees for years, but now I notice the new white one break easily. I think there is a flaw in the molding process. They are not expensive, if they last as promised, but a tee or more a round starts to mo8nt up.
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The Big "G" rated this product on 03/23/12 I have just purchased my second pack of these tee's. I still have 4 left, I gave out 4 of them and lost 2, I never BROKE one of them, these are the best tee's for the money. I have used the first one since June 2011, but lost it(or someone one took it) in December 2011. I then lost my second one in February, I was golfing with the same friend when I lost the first one, hmmmmmmmmmmmmmm Great product, I'm sure I'll be buying more, especially if I keep golfing with the same group (O:
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CommandBKOwner rated this product on 08/14/10 Don't call it ConsistentTee for nothing. Drives are consistently hitting the fairway since using these tees and ball trajectory off the tee is perfect. I've used them for a few outings and I'm only on my second tee (chipped the top of the first one) but they are very rugged. I won't go back to a wooden tee after using these. Using a CommandBK 12* driver.
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GRW rated this product on 07/14/10 I ordered two sets of tees over a month ago. I've tried to contact the company and have gotten no satisfaction, or status on my order. I am disappointed.
Preston Hale responds with Hi GRW, sorry to hear you had this experience with us. Can you call us at 1.800.309.6878? Thanks
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Boom Boom rated this product on 05/11/10 Found one of these tees at the range. Hit over 200 drives before breaking it. Great product. The labeling on the tee allowed me to find where to buy them! As for the cost, realize that a wooden tee lasts me just a few drives typically. So, at $0.60 each, it's probably around the same cost per drive as a wooden tee...except with better results. When I did break it, I'm not sure if it was just worn out or if I mishit it. I typically have around 105 swing speed and hit 250+ carry. Maybe that's too much abuse. But, it far outlasted other "indestructible" tees. And the zero friction tees...forget about it. They break just like wood tees...but cost more. This is the best tee I've found by far. (used a TM R7 limited 9.5* and am a 9 hcp)
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Displaying reviews 1 - 5 of 27 in total