What Pinemeadow Customers Are Saying

On June 11, 2006 Lowell wrote: Started last year with the purchace of a Tour 700 Ti Driver, was on sale at the local Dunhams sports store, bought it kinda as a joke a friemd had just got a R7 and spent all that $. after the first round together he offered an even trade, like hell I liked it, liked it so well that now I have also purchased the 3,5,and 7.My old pings have hit the closet for good, these clubs changed my attitude about knockoffs. Im still hitting my Titleist irons but when I decide to move on there will be a set of your irons riding in my bag. the only thing that I changed when I first bought the woods was to change the grips to Winn tour wraps.
On June 07, 2006 Steve wrote: Wow, nice clubs. I recieved my Excel MLP irons yesterday, 3 days after ordering them. I will agree with a couple of other reviews your picture does not do them justice. I had the lamkin permawraps put on mine, like all the clubs I have bought from you, and again well worth the $1.50 upgrade. I took them to the range today and they perform close to the Lion MGI's that they are replacing. The main difference was the distance I was getting. I normally hit a full wedge 100-105 yrds, I was hitting the new irons about 110-115 with a full swing. It was the same yardage gain through out the set. I have not hit a 4 iron 200 yrds since I was in my 30's but I hit several today 205 to 215 and I am now 50 yrs old. I also found that I could work the ball a little, a fade has never been a problem bought with a little flatter swing I was drawing the ball too. Thanks Pinemeadow for a quality product at a working mans price.

On June 06, 2006 Barry J wrote: I would just like to thank you very much for your prompt service. The clubs arrived 3 days after they were ordered. I will be happy to deal with you again and will recommend your service to others.

On June 05, 2006 Robert M. wrote: With the Command Q4 Titanium Driver, I now consistently lauch 300+ drives, making my buddies slack-jawed in amazement. I love the ability to change the weights on the fly to take advantage of different situations on the course. This is an outstanding club! As an owner of an actual Adams strong 4 and strong 5, the Synchron II Fairway Woods strong 3 beautifully completes the "set."
On June 02, 2006 Russell wrote: Purchased the "ti hollow core irons" and have been very impressed. They arrived as promised, actually 1 day earlier than expected. As soon as I unpacked them, I knew I made a good purchase. I actually had the original fusions irons (borrowed from the local dealer) in front of me to make the comparison and they were almost identical.

When it came time to play with them, they actually had a better feel than the originals. I immediatly shaved 4 strokes off my game and the best part is that I paid less than 25% of the cost of the fusions. I have and will continue to recommend Pinemeadow to anyone interested.

On June 01, 2006 M. Yount wrote: Ordered the Excel High Launch clubs. Excellent communications by e-mail confirming my order and date to be shipped along with a link to track the shipment. Clubs came on the date they said, and packaged great. Had a lesson the other day and the pro tried my clubs and said he thought they were every bit as good as the Big Berthas. They look and perform beautifully. Great company. I plan to do business again with Pinemeadow. Thanks Pinemeadow, M. Yount

On May 24, 2006 Dave wrote: I must say, I am impressed, I purchased the clubs based on the many very positive reviews that I read and of coarse the price. I also am already impressed with the very rapid response from the emails, if the clubs are as good as this I will the thrilled. thanks

On May 23, 2006 Bill B wrote: I ordered this driver, the ZR1 #3, and #5 fairway woods, and the #3 and #4 hybrids. I took them to my local course and these clubs perform as well as the Ping metal woods and hybrids I've swung. In fact, the driver worked so well I broke a Bridgestone golf ball (cracked the cover half way round the ball) with my driver swing on the 8th tee! Never done that with a Ping. Now when I'm traveling I'll have my Pinemeadow ZR1's with me wherever I go to hit the links. Thaks again for prompt and professional assembly, and timely UPS shipping.
On May 22, 2006 Thomas N. wrote:

Hi James,

Damn, that's the single most impressive delivery from the US to Norway I have ever witnessed. Very impressive. The package arrived today. I just wanted to track the package, but that's no use when the shipment travels at lightspeed ;-)

Thank you!

On May 09, 2006 Bill wrote: I just used the 3 and 5 woods I got a while back. Fantastic was the word that came to mind right away.. For a fraction of what they would have costed retail, I received 2 great clubs. The grips i use are the oversized and they feel perfect. Shipping was right on time, customer serbvice was perfect. I used the online chat and that worked great! Anyone considering clones should use Pinemeadow!!! Thank you so much again and I am looking forward to doing business with Pinemeadow again real soon!