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  • The offset of the driver helps you square the ball at impact. Having a square face at impact is important and will result in straighter drivers.
  • The matte black finish and white and green gives the driver a clean and sleek look.
  • At 460cc's the driver offers every golfer a large sweet spot giving you maximum forgiveness.
  • Headcover included.

Technical Specifications

Club 1
Loft 10.5°
Lie 58°
Weight 200g
Volume 460cc
Shaft and Grip:
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Mark Applin rated this product on 06/23/19 **UPDATE* Original review on 2 May 2019. I've finally put this in the bag for a round and was very pleased that I did. While I was 20/30 yards shorter I was always better placed in the fairway. It did take a little getting used to but it swung true and my hits were pure. It'll definitely stay in the bag for a little longer and is a great way to increase confidence while trying to reproduce a swing which promotes a draw. Really impressed :)
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Jamie rated this product on 05/26/19 Took my new driver out for the first time it felt great and hit nicely did not miss a fairway all day hit 10 yrs further with it excellent driver
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Mark Applin rated this product on 05/02/19 I'm writing this prior to playing a round but after I've been the range for a good session. I was extremely nervous about this club and its quality - I currently play with a Cobra Ltd (11.5). I'm a 15hdcp and drive the ball about 250yds. I was very impressed on my first outing with the club. While not a huge slicer of the ball, when I lose it....I lose it big ;) So I thought this might give me much needed confidence while I continue to improve my swing. I found the club head to be noticeably heavier than my driver but not to the point of distraction. It was nice and easy to swing through impact - which was solid - and I didn't notice a huge drop off in distance (in fact one of my drives was the longest of my session (260+). I even asked the chap next to me to have a few swings and he was only positive about it too. It'll be interesting to see how it goes during a round and I will post a further review. But so far, so good and for the money - pretty unbeatable.
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Wayne Keisler rated this product on 07/30/18 It really hits great and did exactly what it was designed to do in straightning my drive. It went mostly straight with an occasional slight draw or fade but was completely controllable. I didn't loose any distance either. I now have a 3 wood ordered to go with it.
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Bob Bean rated this product on 07/24/18 I purchased my club last,year December. My brother in law,bought the Epic for 350.00. I will consistently out drive him by 10-30 yds. Took 8 -"10 strokes off my game by staying in play
6 out of 8 people found this useful. Was this review helpful to you? yes / no
Displaying reviews 1 - 5 of 15 in total