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Sport Sensors Swing Speed Radar is a small, inexpensive microwave Doppler radar velocity sensor that measures the swing speed of golfers. A fun tool to use but the most importantly it is an instructional aid to help you develop your swing. The Swing Radar aids you in developing/optimizing your swing by providing a convenient measure of your swing velocity as you strive to improve your game.

Increased gold club swing speed corresponds to increased ball distance. However, over-swinging can produce inferior results, as suggested by the advice� it�s not how hard you swing but how well you swing. Golfers can determine their optimum swing for the best distance, control and accuracy. The Swing Speed Radar conveniently provides real time velocity feedback that assists players and coaches/instructors in measuring performance improvement and in trouble shooting swing mechanics.

Here is how it works. The Speed Radar is positioned in a forward location about 10-12 inches directly away from the tee. It can also be placed on the ground about four feet behind the tee, in line with the club head approach toward the ball. Clubhead speed is measured in the vicinity of contact with the ball.

Instructions are included.


  • Measure your swing speed with affordable Doppler radar.
  • Increase your swing speed to increase your distance.
  • Monitor your swing consistency.
  • Include velocity feedback when trouble-shooting your swing.
  • Determine your optimum swing speed for distance, control and accuracy.
  • Determine the club characteristics that achieve the best results.
  • Monitor the effects of changes in your mechanics on your swing performance.

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